The Brand Lifecycle

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Concept to Market Readiness

Got an amazing idea for a product but don’t have the resources to execute on its development? Looking to participate in the cannabis/hemp space but aren’t sure what’s the best entry point? Having trouble coming up with a brand identity that is impactful and sustainable? Need help with financial projections or finding GMP-certified co-packers with low enough minimum order quantities to fit your budget?

Let our market analysts, consumer scientists, formulation specialists, product developers, designers, and cannabis/hemp supply chain team answer these questions and guide you through the cannabis/hemp brand lifecycle.

At Brand Harvest, we help you to germinate, select, and mature brand concepts so you can put your best foot forward:

  • Market Research
    Defining the Boundaries
  • Product Research
    Sales Trends, Best Selling SKUs
  • Consumer Research
    Demographic Purchasing Habits
  • Product Lifecycle / Development Strategy
    Target Market and Beyond
  • Formulation Development
    Science & Research Driven
  • Brand Identity
    Corporate (Outside Looking In) and Product (Market Need Approach)
  • Product Presentation & Packaging Design
    Combining Compliance with Branding
  • Cost & Budgetary Projections
    Know the True Costs and ROI Before Investing

Starting a cannabis business is a complex process, even with the most straightforward plan. Brand Harvest helps you anticipate and navigate the road ahead so your ideas become a reality thoughtfully and strategically.

A strong foundation is the key to long-term success. Brand Harvest helps you build that foundation so you can be positioned to not only survive in the cannabis industry, but thrive.

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Building Brand Loyalty and Growing Revenue

Brand Harvest’s marketing and sales services are the engine in your company’s machine, driving top line growth by moving products into our established sales channels. Whether your product or business is new to the market or firmly established, our professional domestic marketing and sales team become your account managers and professional sales resources.

Brand Harvest’s process is simple:

  • Channels
    Helping you grow your brand and revenue by placing your products in independent stores, regional chains, big box retail, and distributors.
  • Strategy
    We create a strategy around your specific sales goals and metrics.
  • Onboarding
    We learn the ins and outs of your business and brand and how to best position your product or service in the marketplace.
  • Outbound
    Our outbound sales team create new opportunities, set appointments, and qualify prospects in or out.
  • Inbound
    Our inbound calling services present a professional face to your company when prospects or customers call with questions or requests.
  • Metrics
    We track and measure activities, hours, close rates, and more to provide in-depth reporting.
  • Growth
    Together, we find new opportunities to create even more growth.

Our marketing skillset creates messaging to align with sales goals and stay compliant in any jurisdiction. From building your brand to creating content, managing social media, e-marketing, sales collateral, and website design, Brand Harvest gives you the reach and tools you need to stay front and center in the hearts and minds of your consumer base.

Brand Harvest buys you back time to focus on creating innovative products and solutions without stalling your growth. You cultivate your products; we’ll harvest your brand.

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Brand Maturity

Are you ready for the mainstream market and want to get your products into the big box stores? Brand Harvest has sales relationships with pharmacy chains, grocery store chains, and most major retail outlets giving you access to valuable shelf space in desirable retail locations. Our team’s multi-decade relationship with these organizations provides Brand Harvest with the ability to quickly place well positioned, relevant, and mature cannabis/hemp brands into the mainstream market.

  • Big Box
    Brand Harvest can evaluate, connect, and broker relationships that move your product onto shelves in thousands of stores
  • Invest
    The Brand Harvest network can connect those with money to invest and those with ideas worth investing in.
  • Diversify
    Grow your customer loyalty and your brand by introducing new products to keep pace with an emerging market
  • Franchise
    Bringing your brand national giving you local presence across numerous markets in the country.
  • Manage
    Growing pains don’t have to be part of the equation. Brand Harvest can build your success on the front end and help you support it on the back end.
  • Divest
    A well-timed exist strategy is a key piece to every successful entrepreneur’s puzzle. Brand Harvest can help.

As your business matures, Brand Harvest expands the services it can provide to keep pace. Our team has weathered the storm of consumer trends for several decades and can help your brand do the same.
Our clients have access to a team of highly trained and motivated marketing and sales professionals and our network of qualified ingredient vendors and co-packers that can be activated at a moment’s notice to scale with your demand, providing assurances that as you grow we will be there every step of the way.